There is no better time to confirm solidarity between the two royal couples than Christmas time, and they appear to be doing just that. Recently confirmed, the Fab Four will be spending Christmas together with the Queen in Sandringham once again this year. Having spent Christmas together last year in Sandringham, it is sure to bring back their happy holiday memories. 

With the recent news that Prince Harry (34) and Duchess Meghan (37) are to be moving out of Buckinghmam Palace and into Frogmore Cottage in Home Park in early 2019, the relationships between both Dukes and Duchesses have been scrutinized. With rumoured tensions between the two Duchesses in the recent weeks, some sources say their rift may have even started months ago. Who's to know exactly, but here's hoping the Christmas season brings out the best in them.

Focusing on the good

We are choosing to focus on the joy, love and peace that the Christmas season brings and hoping that whatever feud (or not) that has been causing tension between the two Duchesses is put to rest. Only time and the traditional Christmas Day picture will tell, but we are hopeful that the holiday season goes as planned for the Royal Family. 

Prince William, Duchess Catherine, Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan at Westminster Abbey

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