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The Queen and Sir David Attenborough have teamed up to create a network of protected forests

The Queen and David Attenborough
September 6, 2018 - 15:50 / Administrator User

These two are probably our favorite TV duo of all time! The Queen joined forces with legendary broadcaster and presenter Sir David Attenborough to film the one-off documentary The Queen's Green Planet for ITV. 

The documentary, in which the Queen discusses her plans to create a global network of forest conservation initiatives, shows the two ninety-two-year-olds taking a stroll through the gardens at Buckingham Palace. Their conversation covers everything from tree climbing to sundials and conkers, and their shared love of nature is more than apparent.

You don't say no to the Queen!

There is probably no one better suited to talking to the Queen about her Commonwealth Canopy certificates, which she has awarded to various Commonwealth leaders after having quietly persuaded them to participate in the campaign. Even going a far as to tell the president of Fiji, "this is a certificate for you", before cheekily grinning as she added "to prove that you’re going to do this". It looks as if the Queen is definitely dedicated to turning the project into a success!

Sir David Attenborough filming The Life of Mammals in South Africa

Sir David Attenborough needs no introduction and is an icon of our time, having produced the truly brilliant Blue Planet I and II and the groundbreaking Life series. The meeting between these two national treasures is magical and, as the Queen escorts Sir David personally around the palace tree collection, they come to a stop in front of two enormous London plane trees that were planted by Queen Victoria. "They’re the most magical trees because the branches are so noble and broad. One really wants to climb them!" murmurs Sir David, to which the Queen replies, "Yes! One never thought of climbing a plane tree!", while looking as if she might secretly like to. 

Duchess Catherine and David Attenborough before a screening of David Attenborough's Natural History Museum Alive 3D film at the Natural History Museum 

It turns out however, that looking after trees is never easy, even at Buckingham Palace! Whilst wandering through the palace gardens, Sir David's attention is caught by a bent sapling. The Queen quickly directs him away saying, "we won’t look at that one because it doesn’t seem to be doing very well. Somebody sat on it I think - at a garden party". 

A project that is sorely needed

The Queen and Sir David are not the only ones on this mission, along with Commonwealth leaders from around the world, they have received support from Prince Harry and Prince William, amongst others. We truly hope that the project is a success, it is most certainly needed in these dark times of climate change and global warming!