Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip were vaccinated for COVID-19 today.

The BBC reported the news through a Buckingham Palace source, who said the Royals were vaccinated at Windsor Castle on Saturday. The source added that the Queen "decided to let it be known she had the vaccination to prevent further speculation."

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip get COVID-19 vaccine

The Royal Family hasn't yet acknowledged the Jan. 9 news on social media, though there had been speculation that the Queen would promote the vaccine by informing the public when she receives it. She and her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh, are 94 and 99 years old, placing them in the high-priority group in Phase 1 of the UK's program.

The UK began its vaccination program on Dec. 8, at which time it was reported the Queen would be vaccinated "within weeks." The Royals were said to be receiving no special treatment and would "wait in line" like anyone else. They're now vaccinated one month into the program.

COVID-19 has affected the British Royal Family

The UK monarch and consort follow Queen Margrethe II of Denmark as early Royals to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. The Danish ruler was first to do so last week.

Several British Royal Family members overcame coronavirus cases in 2020. Prince Charles was among the most notable names infected with COVID-19 in the pandemic's early days. Prince William was also later confirmed to have had a difficult case in April, though he kept it a secret for several months.

During recent public appearances, Queen Elizabeth has been seen wearing a mask, but she's also conducted virtual audiences while other traditions have been cancelled outright.

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