Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip's eldest grandson Peter Phillips has opened up to the BBC about what it was like losing his grandfather during the pandemic. 

Peter Phillips Describes Hardest Part Of Prince Philips Death 

The son of Princess Anne and Captain Mark Phillips has just opened up to the BBC. He said in an interview that his family tragically lost a "hugely influential figure in our lives."

Referring to the late Prince Philip he said, "He was such a fixture of all of our lives. He is sorely missed. He lived a remarkable life and if any of us can even live half the life that he did, we would all be extraordinarily happy."

Kate Middleton, Prince Philip and Peter Phillips during the Patron s Lunch on the Mall, an event to mark Britain s Queen Elizabeth s 90th birthday, in London, June 12, 2016.

The father of two explained how difficult it is for the countless families who lost a family member during the pandemic because they could not grieve like we used to before the coronavirus. He particularly felt pain for his grandmother Queen Elizabeth.

"Our thoughts immediately went to my grandmother. We've been trying to support her as much as we can. Everybody saw the image of Her Majesty sitting alone. It would have been the same for any other family, the hardest part is not being able to hug those closest to the person who's been lost."

"It's the same for a lot of families. There have been some great sadnesses but at the same time you've got to try to take the positives out of these situations, whether that be new life, or happy memories, that's what you've got to focus on."

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Luckily, with the pandemic came one good thing for his family considering the Queen was able to spend more time with his two children Savannah and Isla. "They're exceptionally lucky to have had two great grandparents who have lived as long as they have. My children certainly appreciate that and know that it's something special."