Royal On-Again, Off-Again

The Real Reason Why William and Kate Separated In 2007

The Real Reason Why William and Kate Separated In 2007

The path to true love isn't smooth and a royal relationship in the making won't always sound like storybook material. When you consider being in the public eye and the effects of doing your royal duty, one can start to understand why the break-up of 2007 happened between William and Kate.

Prince William and Kate Middleton first started dating in 2002 but didn't get married until nearly a decade later. During that time, there were moments that caused us to fear that the relationship would end for good.

Christmas may be known as "the most wonderful time of the year" but for most people, it is also the most stressful time of the year. That is also true for royals and Christmas 2006 did not go smoothly for Will and Kate. The subsequent media attention, military service and partying likewise created strain.

The 2007 Hurdle For Will and Kate

The Real Reason Why William and Kate Separated In 2007

Duchess Kate and Prince William met and fell in love while at St. Andrews University. Now they are happily married and have three adorable children but did you know that the couple had separated several times before their marriage?

Their first dating break-up took place shortly before Kate's last exams at the university. Then in 2007, the next break-up took place. Will initially promised to spend the 2006 Christmas holidays with the Middletons but cancelled on short notice. Unfortunately, the situation did not improve in the new year as William had to attend to his military obligations in Dorset. Added to this was the aggressive siege of the paparazzi on Kate. Furthermore, William was often spotted partying during this time.

Prince William later said in his engagement interview: "...we both were very young...we were sort of both finding ourselves."