Of course, the royals also celebrate Christmas! All palaces across Europe must therefore be decorated and many royals actually like to do it themselves. Duchess Camilla (71) invites children supported by charities to Clarence House in London to help her decorate it, for example. And Queen Margrethe II of Denmark (78) is known to make her own Christmas decorations.

This is how the royals celebrate Christmas

The Swedish royal family even chops down its own Christmas tree, which is then placed in the so-called stone hall of the palace. They also celebrate the 75th birthday of Queen Silvia just before Christmas on 23 December.

In Monaco, Prince Albert II (60) and Princess Charlène (40) invite children to their splendidly decorated palace every year – and there is even a Santa Claus. Together with the Red Cross the couple also donates gifts to the ones in need.

Back in Great Britain, Queen Elizabeth II (92) invites her family to lunch at Buckingham Palace a few days before Christmas. Then she travels to Sandringham. Contrary to all rumors, Duchess Catherine (36) and Prince William (36) will spend Christmas with Prince Harry (34) and Duchess Meghan (37). Recently, there have been many reports about the two Duchesses falling out and not spending the holidays together.

The royal Christmas cards are a highlight

Of course, the royals also send out their beautiful Christmas cards, often featuring photos of the family, with season’s greeting. The pictures are usually published a couple days ahead of Christmas, so that their fans can also see them. The Norwegian royal family even has a special photo shoot just before Christmas.