A lucky few earn the right to work for the Royal family, as it comes with incredible privileges. Now there is an opening available!

Royal Family Searching For New Assistant

A brand new job posting has been posted to the site of the Royal family! A personal assistant is needed at Buckingham Palace starting in January 2021 in charge of "supporting The Royal Family in their official duties. This is what makes working for the Royal Household exceptional."

The job would require a variety of tasks to be done such as prioritizing and managing requests, coordinating diaries, meetings and appointments, and "minute-taking and draft correspondence."

Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace, London, after recording her Christmas Day broadcast to the Commonwealth on December 25, 2017.

The position will also be required to help with crucial "efficient coordination of Government duty, liaising with stakeholders in the UK, Realms and Commonwealth to draft letters and other material."

The Royal family has high expectations for this role that is "a fast paced and high profile environment, and you'll have responsibility from day one. Yet you'll rise to the challenge and will be proud of the part you play." They also ask that the applicant is highly experienced in personal assistance with "superb interpersonal and communication skills, and will be at ease working as part of a team, and liaising with people at all levels."

It seems to be an incredible opportunity for a full-time job that will involve travel and the chance to become "a trusted and indispensable member of the team." The applicants will be sure to be greatly vetted considering Buckingham Palace recently had a staff member plea guilty to countless theft of Royal property.

If you fit the bill, apply here