After Harry and Meghan's news of "stepping back" as senior members of the British royal family dropped on Wednesday evening, a source has confirmed to ET that Prince William is not pleased. "William is understandably frustrated by his brother's decision," the source stated, noting that other members of the family have deemed the move "selfish."

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Royal family members are "very disappointed"  

"Many family members were very disappointed with the Sussexes," the source continued. The statement released by Harry and Meghan to their official Instagram account was a personal statement and therefore NOT sanctioned by Buckingham Palace, which we can only imagine has caused some tensions within the royal family.

"William is absolutely devastated and quite shocked" 

ET also spoke with royal expert Kate Nicholl after the news was released on Wednesday: "I'm told privately that William is absolutely devastated and quite shocked by this decision for Harry to step down from the royal family," adding that she believes William "feels a sense of betrayal by his brother and possibly a sense of being abandoned too."

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"I have been told by very credible Palace sources that there were discussions over Christmas when the Sussexes were in Canada. They were in touch with the senior members of the royal family, the queen, the Prince of Wales, and the Duke of Cambridge and this idea of a transition of a change to their roles of them stepping back as senior royals was something that was being discussed, but this was very early-stage discussions. Nothing had been signed off, nothing had been decided upon, and the idea was that it was going to be developed, talked about, a strategy would be worked out and then an announcement would be made," Nicholl added.