Queen Elizabeth is usually the epitome of self-control, but, every now and again, Her Majesty makes comments that we ourselves could easily have made (and probably got away in our case!). A 2012 documentary shows private scenes from inside Kensington Palace of the kind that we simply couldn't have imagined. A particularly shocking scene featured shows the Queen's reaction to Kate's wedding dress. 

Harry revela una GRAN "mentira" sobre boda de William y Kate

Queen reacted in a surprising manner when faced with Kate's wedding dress

We're sure Kate would have wanted a different reaction from her grandmother-in-law! In the film William & Kate: The First Year Queen Elizabeth is shown standing in front of Prince William's wife's beautiful wedding dress saying, "it's horrid isn't it, horrible"!

We can only imagine Kate's shock. However, what could have proven to be a very incendiary comment was actually not aimed at the Alexander McQueen dress itself, but the manner in which it was displayed. 

The Queen and the Duchess of Cambridge view her wedding dress at the annual summer exhibition at Buckingham Palace 

Duchess Kate's wedding dress displayed in an exhibition at Buckingham Palace

The scene we just described above didn't actually take place at William and Kate's wedding (luckily for all concerned) but was the Queen's first reaction to how Kate's wedding dress had been displayed at the annual summer exhibition at Buckingham Palace. The dress was added to an exhibit at the palace on the 23rd of July 2011, just two and a half months after Will and Kate's wedding.

The Queen and Kate visited the new exhibit one day before it was to be opened to the public, but the Queen was not pleased with how it had been displayed. Royal expert and author Tim Ewart explained that the Queen did not like the headless mannequin wearing it, feeling that it had a ghostly appearance.

The  £250 000 vintage-inspired gown with intricate lace details is definitely one of the most beautiful wedding dresses of all time.