Prince Harry Private Jet Controversy Amsterdam

The Duke of Sussex breaks his silence...

Prince Harry Comments On The Private Jet Controversy

Queen Elizabeth II (93) invites her relatives every summer for two months to her estate in Balmoral. As the British newspaper The Sun reported, Prince Harry (34) and Duchess Meghan (38) did NOT accept the invitation the Queen this year.

An insider spoke with The Sun about the reasons: "Meghan and Harry do not plan to travel to Balmoral this year because they think Archie (4 months) is too young". A very absurd explanation, according to the insider: "It's a bit strange because it hasn't stopped them from going to Ibiza for a week and then visiting Elton John in France."

The Queen's estate would be the ideal place for privacy and security.

Prince Harry recently spoke about the private jet controversy. He said he was using it only for the protection and safety of his family. This is another contradiction for the insider: "If they really care so much about protection and security, there is no more sheltered and private resort than the Queen's Scottish estate."

According to The Sun, it was assumed that Duchess Meghan's first visit to Balmoral would take place this summer. Unfortunately, the assumption did no-t prove true. At least Prince William and Duchess Catherine visited Queen Elisabeth with their children for a few days in Scotland.