Her home in Kensington Palace

This Is What Lady Diana's (†36) Apartment In Kensington Palace Looked Like

Lady Diana and Prince William enjoying some time with a puzzle at Kensington Palace.

How did Lady Di live? Pictures of Lady Dianas and Prince Charles ‘shared apartment in Kensington Palace show how personal and cozy it is there.

Lady Diana (†36) and Prince Charles lived in Kensington Palace. They moved there directly after the marriage in 1981. When their children were born, the family combined two apartments, Apartment #8 and #9. Diana stayed there after the divorce in 1996 as the rooms became her home.

In old pictures, you can see the princess of hearts together with her then-husband and the still young Prince Harry and Prince William. The pictures show why the Princess felt so comfortable there.

Lady Diana, Prince William and Prince Harry in 1985

Diana made a home out of the apartment, gave it a personal note, and - just like a normal citizen - hung up the pictures of her children she had painted.


Prince Harry and Prince William still use the apartment

After Lady Diana's death, the apartment was empty for a long time. Today Prince Harry and Prince William use the premises. They work in the rooms - for example, Duchess Catherine lingered in the rooms when she worked for a day as editor-in-chief for a British medium.

Lady Diana, Prinz Charles und Prinz William 1983