Prince Harry? The Duke of Sussex? Just plain Harry? Haz? There were at least a handful of options that Prince Harry could've chosen for his name at work, but it appears he's settled on just one.

On Tuesday, the Duke confirmed that he's joined Silicon Valley startup BetterUp Inc., a firm specializing in mental health and coaching services. While that news broke this week, he's been working with the firm for a "couple of months," according to BetterUp CEO Alexi Robichaux — and he's been asking co-workers to address him by one name.

Prince Harry: His name for co-workers at new job

Today, Robichaux spoke with BBC News on Prince Harry's role as Chief Impact Officer with the firm. According to Hello!, Robichaux said he "likes to be called Harry in the workplace, so we just address him as Harry."

Robichaux also spoke today with CNN, where he described Harry's work with BetterUp as a "leadership position" that will have global reach. He explained: "[Harry] will be making decisions and contributing one level up in terms of the type of content we use and helping to create content that millions of people can use as well. 

"And then [Harry will be] helping on everything from product decisions to corporate strategies so that we can get into the hands of more folks worldwide," Robichaux added.

Just Harry: Why he became BetterUp's Chief Impact Officer

In a statement on why he's joining BetterUp, Prince Harry wrote: "My goal is to lift up critical dialogues around mental health, build supportive and compassionate communities, and foster an environment for honest and vulnerable conversations. And my hope is to help people develop their inner strength, resilience, and confidence."

His new workplace isn't the first setting where the Duke has asked to be called just Harry, either. He is still a prince and holds the title The Duke of Sussex, but he's asked to be called "just Harry" several times since early 2020, just before he and Duchess Meghan stepped down as working royals.

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