• Prince William and Kate Middleton are the most photographed couple in the world
  • They will soon become the King and Queen of Great Britain
  • William and Kate have become more involved in royal activities on behalf of an aging queen

Despite all these events, the year will also bring with it some hard work, especially for William and Kate. Royal expert Jonathan Sacerdoti is sure of that, as he tells Royally Us: "I think they will have many public events. What they have been doing over the last few months has been well received and word is that they will be doing more charity work and going to more events."

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Prince William and Kate can seemingly do no wrong in the eyes of the public, and they are definitely one of the world's premiere power couples. The two royals will relieve the queen, who at the age of 95 would no longer have to do so many appearances. Prince William and Duchess Kate are a great support for the Queen. The two are very committed to the royal family.

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