Duchess Kate always looks fashionable.

Prince William's wife likes brightly coloured dresses, and she's memorably worn pink or completed an appearance in a gorgeous blue lace dress. In fact, Kate wears practically every colour except for one: orange.

This is why Duchess Kate doesn't wear orange

So, why no orange for Duchess Kate? As Daisy Schubert, a style expert, revealed to Express, it is due to the royal's skin tone. Kate is a "winter" type and she therefore wears mainly black, white, blue, red, and pink.

So Duchess Kate lost the pregnancy pounds

"Having a cool, blue undertone means that the orange colour pigments would clash with her natural features. You'd only see the dress, not her!" Schubert explained.

She added that Duchess Kate in orange would look "dreadful." But it appears the 39-year-old knows that the colour wouldn't work for her, so it's not a part of her wardrobe. Luckily, she looks great in the many other shades available to her.

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