Certain royals will ring it in!

This Royal Family Birthday Tradition Has Changed Due To COVID-19

This Royal Family Birthday Tradition Has Changed Due To COVID-19

Royal birthdays have historically been marked with the ringing of Westminster Abbey's bells. However, it has been revealed that only two royals will receive the honour going forward. Find out how the pandemic has impacted this annual celebration!

Most members of the royal family will be celebrating their birthdays next year without a traditional display. As Hello! shares, Westminster Abbey has adapted the rules when it comes to its bells ringing for the royals.

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles only royals to get bells

All of the royals, including the youngest ones, would traditionally have their birthday heralded by the famous church's bells. However, 2022 will see only Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles ringing in their birthdays with Westminster Abbey.

In a statement to Hello!, a spokesperson for Westminster Abbey revealed the reason for the change. They explained that the "financial challenges posed to the Abbey by the Covid-19 pandemic" ultimately led to this decision, and Buckingham Palace was consulted.

The British Royal Family observes flyover at Trooping the Colour 2019.

As the outlet mentions, it has been some time since the Abbey has rung its bells at all. However, as one of the only two royals now receiving the honour, Prince Charles will have his 73rd birthday celebrated in the customary way in November!