• Meghan Markle's first royal Christmas was in 2017
  • She took part in a royal gift-giving tradition...
  • Queen Elizabeth II loved her unusual present

The British Royal Family is known to follow many rules and traditions. And that even applies to the holiday season.

For example, the royals famously gather at the Sandringham Estate each and every Christmas to celebrate.

There, legend has it that the royals have a secret tradition: They give "gag gifts" to one another. The late Queen Elizabeth II is said to have started the trend years ago.

Meghan Markle's gag gift to the Queen was a winner

Well, word got out on what Meghan Markle apparently gave the Queen at her first royal Christmas with Prince Harry several years back.

This was over Christmas of 2017, shortly after Harry and Meghan had gone public with their relationship and gotten engaged.

Then came Meghan's big moment. The Queen unwrapped her gag gift and, according to The Sun, it was... a hamster toy that sings and dances.

Also interesting:

Apparently, Queen Elizabeth "burst out laughing" and responded with a quip about her corgis wanting to steal it. So it seems Meghan's first impression at royal Christmas was a hit.

Of course, things between her, Harry, and the Royal Family would later go downhill... Meghan and Harry haven't spent the holidays with the royals in several years either. 

But the Queen, who passed away in 2022, was always understood to have a strong relationship with her grandson Harry and his wife.

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