Ever since news of Harry and Meghan's royal exit broke, it wasn't long until her estranged father, Thomas, spoke to the press about his feelings towards the matter and other matters that were said a done years ago. Thomas Markle Sr. spoke to Channel 5 as they are doing a new documentary titled, Thomas Markle: My story

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A couple of years ago, Prince Harry was doing a Radio 4 interview leading up to his and Meghan's royal wedding in 2018. The interview happened to be shortly after Meghan made her Sandringham Christmas debut, according to the Mirror.

Thomas Markle says Harry's comment was an insult 

When Harry was asked about Meghan having to learn any family traditions etc., he made the following comment: "She's done an absolutely amazing job getting in there and it's the family that I suppose she's never had." Thomas Markle has now said that that comment was an insult.

"When I heard Harry say she's getting the family she never had, that was an insult and that was bullsh*it. The bottom line is she's had two excellent families, she's had family on Doria's side and family on my side and they've all been loving and we've all come together on holidays together," Markle stated according to Mirror.

Finishing off his thoughts on the matter, Thomas went so far as to say, "As a matter of fact I would think that family she's never had, that she's getting now, is a lot stiffer than the one she's left. Goodbye Harry, that doesn't work for me." 

Harry and Meghan

Some consider it would be somewhat contradictory

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