Takes a swipe at Prince Harry

Thomas Markle Threatens Harry and Meghan With Blackmail On Air

Thomas Markle Threatens Harry and Meghan With Blackmail

Thomas Markle spoke to Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid on Good Morning Britain about his reaction to the Oprah interview with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Now Piers and GMB are facing major backlash for egging on Thomas's threats of blackmail. 

Thomas Markle joined well-known anti-Harry and Meghan presenter Piers Morgan on Good Morning Britain to share his reaction to Oprah with Meghan and Harry. Meghan's estranged father openly threatened his daughter and son-in-law Prince Harry if they did not meet his demands.

Thomas Markle and Meghan's Ongoing Turmoil

The eye-opening tell-all interview Oprah with Meghan and Harry has the world talking. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry told their side of the story about their relationship with Meghan's father Thomas Markle and her half-sister Samantha Markle who have been relentlessly trashing Harry and Meghan since they married.

Many will recall Thomas Markle found himself embarrassed after staging paparazzi photos and selling tabloid stories during the lead-up to the big Royal wedding. He even stated that he would not attend Harry and Meghan's wedding and Prince Charles walked Meghan down the aisle instead. 

Since then Thomas has continued to gladly sell stories to British tabloids often saying disparaging things against his daughter. Now Meghan has said she did her best to protect her parents from media scrutiny and Oprah asked Meghan, "Did it feel like betrayal when you found out your father was working with the tabloids?"

This Is Where Oprah with Meghan and Harry Was Filmed

To which she responded, "I'm just trying to decide if I'm even comfortable talking about that... If we're going to use the word 'betrayal' it's because when I asked him - when we were told by the comms team that this was a story that was going to be coming out which by the way: the tabloids had already known about this for about a month or so but decided to hold until the Sunday before our wedding because they wanted to create drama."

"We call my dad and I asked him and he said, 'No, absolutely not.' And I said, the Institution has never intervened for anything for us but they can try to go in and kill this story but if we use this once we're not going to be able to use this leverage again if we want to protect our own kids one day."

Oprah understood that Thomas was lying about not having spoken to the press so Meghan explained she asked him, "'I just need you to tell me. And if you tell me the truth, we can help.' And he wasn't able to do that."

Thomas Markle Sr. on the cover of Evening Standard.

When explaining that each party has a responsibility in the drama that surrounded her wedding and Thomas Markle but as a comparison, "[The press] hunted my mom down. And you've never heard her say a word. She's remained in silent dignity for four years watching me go through this." She has repeatedly asked her father to stop speaking to the tabloids.

Thomas Markle Threatens Blackmail On GMB

Now that the interview has aired, Thomas Markle appeared on Good Morning Britain to speak about his reaction to Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid. Thomas claims he did not betray his daughter and called Prince Harry his "snotty" son-in-law. He made sure to add, "We all make mistakes, but I've never played naked pool or dressed up like Hitler like Harry did."

He did admit that he lied to his daughter about not making a deal with the tabloids ahead of their 2018 wedding but that he has "apologized about this thing that has happened at least 100 times or so. Bottom line is I've never heard back from Harry and Meghan in any way shape or form."

"When they say that I'm [unintelligible] and taking advantage of the press, well basically what I do because I haven't heard from them, is I'll do a story for the press. If I don't hear from them in 30 days, I'll do another story from the press. And I have yet to hear from them."

Piers Morgan said to him, "They would say, Thomas, 'Why do you keep talking to the press?' What's your response to that?" Thomas answered, "Because they're not talking to me. When they decide to talk to me, I'll stop talking to the press."

He also revealed that he had released a portion of the personal letter Meghan had sent him to the press. "I wish I hadn't done the whole thing, but here's the other side of this coin: It's like, no one took any time to protect any member of our family. We were attacked. Nobody was there to care for us."

Thomas said the last time they spoke was before the 2018 wedding when he let the pair know he would not be able to make it to the ceremony. "Harry said to me at that point, 'If you had listened to me, this wouldn't have happened to you.' And me laying in a hospital bed after I've had a procedure, and getting a stent put here and a stent put here, felt that that was kind of snotty, so I hung up on him." 

Thomas made sure to add that he wants his daughter to reach out, "I'd like to say again. I'm sorry for what I've done. This was two years ago. But I've tried to make it up to her. I'm now only 70 miles away. I've never stopped loving her. I don't agree with all the things that my children they do. But I  will always love them. And I certainly love Meghan."

Good Morning Britain and Piers Morgan Backlash

Now Good Morning Britain and Piers Morgan are taking heat for their interview with Thomas Markle. Former Cheif Crown prosecutor Nazir Afzal reposted the GMB footage on Twitter saying, "This is BLACKMAIL." Countless others are coming to Meghan and Harry's defense including Piers's own co-host Alex Beresford.

Piers walked offset when his co-worker confronted him for his callous statements about Meghan. Piers and his other co-host Susanna Reid have also been clashing in the past few weeks over Piers's aggression.