At the end of the year, Queen Elizabeth II (95) suffered this stroke of fate: On December 29, her lady-in-waiting, Lady Farnham (†90), who was a close confidante of the Queen, died.

Queen Elizabeth's confidante Diana Maxwell died shortly before Christmas

Diana Maxwell, called Lady Farnham at court, died shortly after Christmas at the age of 90, as reported by the Telegraph. The two women cultivated a close bond as Diana had been in the service of the crown since 1987 and was the "Lady of the Bedchamber".

A source revealed to The Telegraph, "It has not been a good year for the Queen—losing her husband and then the Duchess of Grafton and now Lady Farnham. They were dear friends who supported the Queen on official duties. Unfortunately a sad consequence of living a long life is that you have to say goodbye to a lot of people you care about."

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Lady Farnham regularly supported the Queen at important events. So she was at her side for her Diamond Jubilee, which was the 60th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II's accession, when Prince Philip (†99) was absent due to illness.

Diana Maxwell married Lord Farnham in 1959, who died in 2001 at the age of 69. She leaves behind two adoptive daughters and four grandchildren.

For Queen Elizabeth, 2021 ended as sadly as it started. It was in April 2021 that she lost her beloved husband, Prince Philip at the age of 99.

One can only wish for the Queen that 2022 will take a positive turn. A very special year for her: Queen Elizabeth is celebrating her 70th anniversary of accession to the throne. On these important days, she will miss some loved ones by her side, but the Queen can always rely on her children and grandchildren to support her.