• Prince Harry and Meghan don't avoid politics
  • They have addressed Russia's invasion of Ukraine
  • The royal couple supports the Ukrainian people

Russia's invasion of Ukraine is currently shocking the whole world. People everywhere are expressing their support for the people of Ukraine and condemning Russia's aggression.

Prince Harry and Meghan comment on the situation in Ukraine

Prince Harry, 37, and Duchess Meghan, 40, also commented on the conflict. On Thursday, they posted a message on their Archewell website, stating:

"Prince Harry and Meghan, The Duke and Duchess of Sussex and all of us at Archewell stand with the people of Ukraine against this breach of international and humanitarian law and encourage the global community and its leaders to do the same."

With their Archewell Foundation, they want to unite the world "locally and globally." They further explained: "We believe that compassion is the defining cultural force of the 21st century."

Also interesting:

The statement came shortly after Russian President Vladimir Putin declared a "military operation" in the Donbas region of Ukraine.

Meghan and Harry aren't the only ones to address the Russian invasion. Important figures around the world have widely condemned Putin's attack.

Many of Europe's royal families have also spoken on the conflict. The British Royal Family is one of few to remain silent so far.