Queen Elizabeth II attended her usual morning church service at Sandringham over the weekend, just before her first public appearance post-Megxit! What caught people's attention however was the unique style statement the Queen chose to make. That's because she wore a Canadian snowflake brooch, which many are speculating could be a subtle nod to Harry and Meghan. 

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have currently taken up residence in Canada with their son Archie, so could this be Queen Elizabeth II's way of showing support for the couple, who she said "will always be much loved members of my family"?

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Queen Elizabeth II: was her brooch a statement in support of Harry and Meghan?

Queen Elizabeth II's brooch: A Canadian commemoration

Queen Elizabeth II's snowflake brooch in question was actually a special commemorative gift given to her on behalf of the Canadian people! Former Governor-General of Canada David Johnston presented Queen Elizabeth II with the brooch back in 2017. It was meant to be a special token to celebrate the Queen's 65th year on the throne as reigning monarch.

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Queen Elizabeth II attends the Sunday service at Sandringham in Norfolk.

The ornate bauble is encrusted with diamonds and sapphire, making it truly fit for a Queen! If she did indeed wear it on behalf of Harry and Meghan, it was a classy tribute that didn't go unnoticed by keen Royal watchers!