• The British Royal Family has a gift-giving tradition
  • They prefer to give one another "gag gifts" on holidays
  • Here are famous examples from past royal Christmases

The Royal Family is one of the few in the world that has everything they need. Castles, jewels, horses, money, and a throne. So what do they give each other on holidays?

Well, for a long time now, the Royal Family has had a tradition where they give each other a comical gift instead of something extravagant or expensive. Here are some of the gag gifts that have been given in the past.

Royal "gag gift" ideas for you this Christmas

The British media reported that at Meghan Markle's first royal Christmas, she gave Queen Elizabeth a singing hamster. The Queen found it very funny and showed it inside Sandringham House.

But that's not the only infamous gift given in the Royal Family. Meghan also presented Prince William with a spoon – framed with the words "cereal killer."

Prince Harry once gifted the Queen a shower cap with a cheeky phrase on it, as it read "Ain't life a b***ch."

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Although Princess Kate is known for giving not-so-jokey gifts, there is one remembered in the family. Before Harry found Meghan, Kate gave him a "grow your own girlfriend" kit.

Princess Anne gave her brother, now King Charles, a white leather toilet seat. Although it was a funny joke for the family, the King decided to use it and is now said to carry it everywhere he goes.

Will you get creative this year with your gifts? After the holidays, we'll have to see if anyone was inspired by the royals.

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