• Prince William will ascend to the British throne
  • His wife, Kate Middleton, will be given a new title
  • Will she officially be queen?

Most people would answer "queen". The same discussion was held at the time with Princess Diana and Camila, who today holds the title of Queen Consort. And at the time, it was certainly a hot button issue for the tabloids and the press.

Kate and William will usher in a bright new era in the monarchy

Many thought that when Charles became king, she could not be given the title of queen because she was not the monarch's first wife. But here's something that not many people know: this is incorrect. The title of Queen Consort is given to the king's wife, whether or not she was his first wife.

Also interesting:

This means that the title of king or queen is only granted in the British royal house when the person in question is the monarch. Meaning, you have to be born into royalty to be a monarch.

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