• Duchess Camilla has two adult children
  • Tom and Laura never got royal titles
  • Will that change when Camilla is Queen?

The royal world is still buzzing over news that Duchess Camilla will be Queen Consort when Prince Charles is King. Queen Elizabeth endorsed the decision in February 2022.

That news also presents an interesting question on Camilla's adult children. Tom Parker Bowles and Laura Lopes never received royal titles when their mother married Prince Charles. Does that finally change when Camilla is Queen?

Do Camilla's kids get royal titles when she's Queen?

Tom and Laura are Camilla's children from her first marriage to Andrew Parker Bowles. They're the stepchildren of Prince Charles and stepbrother and stepsister of Prince William and Prince Harry.

Since Camilla was confirmed as future Queen Consort, experts think it's grown increasingly likely that Tom and Laura will finally get royal titles.

Duchess Camilla and her adult children Tom and Laura

Expert Brian Hoey, for example, told Express: "We have never, ever had children of a King or Queen who remained untitled–so that will be interesting."

Hoey thinks it is "very probable" Tom and Laura will become titled, but he attributes it more to their status as stepchildren of the King than as Queen Camilla's children.

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But nothing is guaranteed just yet. At the same time, Tom Parker Bowles and Laura Lopes aren't very involved in royal life, and the situation with stepchildren is an unprecedented one for the British monarchy.

Prince Charles is also said to want a "slimmed-down" monarchy when he's on the throne. So we'll see what happens for Tom and Laura when Charles eventually takes over.