It's been almost three months, but royal fans are still waiting for a photo of baby Lilibet.

Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan welcomed their daughter back on June 4. Since then, there have been a few photo-related headlines, but when will we see a real picture of the royal baby? Here are a few possibilities.

Is there a photo of Lilibet Diana?

If you've kept up with the royal baby news, you'll remember that fans noticed a glimpse of a Lilibet photo in Meghan's 40th birthday video. But it really wasn't much of a look at all.

Some outlets have also passed off the photo seen below as Lilibet, but it's not — it's Meghan holding Archie. (That is, unless Lilibet broke the record as the largest baby ever born.)

So, when might we see an actual picture of Lilibet? The fourth of every month seems like a possibility. She'll turn 3 months old on Sept. 4, and the big 6-month milestone is on Dec. 4.

But Meghan and Prince Harry have also grown selective about how they share family pictures. Apart from birthdays, some of the rare glimpses of family life they've shown have come on major holidays.

If they continue this tradition, we might not meet Lilibet until the annual Sussex family Christmas or New Year's card.

They also tend to link news about their family to charities, so don't be surprised if Lilibet's debut picture comes with support for a good cause.

Recent Archie pictures have also been stylized, so it'll be interesting to see what type of portrait the Duke and Duchess share of their baby girl.

When they do so, you know you'll see it here! You can also click here to revisit the Royal Family's reactions to Lilibet's birth.