• There is a new Prince Philip memorial service
  • The late royal will be honoured on March 29
  • THESE royals will attend the service

Because of COVID-19, the funeral service for Prince Philip (†99) was slimmed down in April of last year. But the Royal Family was still able to honour the burial wishes of the Queen's husband. He died on April 9, 2021.

Fast forward to today, and a new service for Prince Philip will finally be held at Westminster Abbey this month on March 29. Which royals will be attending?

Memorial service for Prince Philip: These royals are invited

Invitations from Buckingham Palace have long since reached Europe's other royal families, as dana press reports. It's still largely unknown who has agreed to attend the funeral service.

But it looks like it will be more than just close relatives. After just 30 people were allowed at the original funeral, significantly more people can now be invited.

Also interesting:

The official guest list for Prince Philip's memorial service is yet to be confirmed. However, it is expected to include family members, close friends, and representatives of organizations associated with the late Duke of Edinburgh.

Will Prince Harry, Prince Andrew rejoin the royals?

The British media is currently wondering if Prince Andrew and Prince Harry, with his wife Meghan, will come to the service. Though for rather different reasons, both have recently caused drama with the royals. A report from before Prince Andrew had even settled his sex case suggested he will likely be at the memorial.

King Carl XVI of Sweden has already said he'll attend. In Spain, both King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia as well as King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia received invites, says the Spanish news portal Vanitatis. Queen Sofia's paternal grandfather was Prince Philip's uncle, and King Juan Carlos is Queen Victoria's great-great-grandson.

However, it is not yet certain who exactly will head to London for the memorial service. It's two full weeks away, on March 29.

(UPDATE: Prince Harry has since confirmed he won't attend the service.)