Duchess Kate has an uncle who's been making headlines with comments about the Royal Family in recent months.

His name is Gary Goldsmith, and he's a multi-millionaire known for his questionable reputation within the Duchess of Cambridge's family. Let's get to know Uncle Gary.

Who is Gary Goldsmith, Kate Middleton's uncle?

Gary Goldsmith is the maternal uncle of Kate Middleton. He's the only sibling of Carole Middleton (née Goldsmith), who is 10 years older than her brother.

Though a wealthy businessman in his own right, Goldsmith gained prominence in the last decade when his niece Kate married into the Royal Family with Prince William.

With this newfound attention, Goldsmith eventually came to be known in the UK press as the "black sheep" of the Middleton-Goldsmith family. Here's why.

Gary Goldsmith: Who is Duchess Kate's controversial uncle?

Goldsmith did attend the royal wedding in 2011, but shortly before then he had a controversy involving drug use and providing an undercover reporter with cocaine.

He's also given several interviews over the years where he's commented on life behind closed doors with the royals. These include a 2013 tell-all, which is said to have caused friction with the Middletons.

Since then, matters with Goldsmith have only worsened. In 2017, he was arrested following an altercation with his wife Julie-Ann. He was charged with assault by beating, and he admitted to the troubling crime.

Goldsmith was sentenced to a 12-month community order, and he had to attend rehabilitation sessions and pay fees of £5000, according to The Mirror.

How much is Gary Goldsmith worth? What does he do?

Goldsmith works as an IT recruitment consultant, and he's commonly cited as a multi-millionaire. Just how much he's worth, however, seems to be up for debate.

In 2013, Daily Mail said that his fortune was £17 million, while 2021 estimations now place his net worth at £30 million.

Gary Goldsmith, Kate Middleton's uncle, after assault charges in 2017.

Goldsmith, who's been married four times and has one daughter, has now been in the news again in 2021. He's been giving interviews to attack Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan after their sit-down talk with Oprah Winfrey.

In the interviews, he's spoken with the highest of praise for his niece, Duchess Kate. But he's been less kind to Harry and Meghan on how they've handled themselves since leaving work with the Royal Family.

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