Duchess Camilla has been married to Prince Charles for over a decade, but she will not become Queen Consort of the UK when her husband becomes King. According to an official statement by Clarence House, the Duchess of Cornwall will receive a special title—but not Queen—once Charles succeeds Queen Elizabeth II as monarch of the UK.

Duchess Camilla will not be Queen when Prince Charles is King

Through an official statement, Clarence House—the home office of the Prince of Wales—said that Camilla Parker Bowles will not be appointed Queen Consort when her husband accedes the throne.

What will Duchess Camilla's title be when Prince Charles is King?

"The intention is for the duchess to be known as princess consort when the prince accedes to the throne," reads the official response published in Express.

According to the royal source, Camilla becoming the Princess Consort of the UK was agreed upon when she married Prince Charles back in 2005.

OK, but Camilla might still become Queen...?

Despite Charles and Camilla's decision having already been published, experts say that the future King could change his mind in favour of his wife and bestow upon her one of the most important titles in British royalty — Queen.

Queen Camilla? Experts say Prince Charles could make her Queen when he's King.

"Prince Charles will no doubt have regard to public opinion at the time of his accession, in deciding whether Camilla should become Queen; and he may also want to seek the advice of the government of the day," an expert told Express.

Though she may never become Queen, Camilla is expected to fulfill the duties of royal consort, regardless. And for now, Camilla, Princess Consort of the UK, appears to be the likeliest outcome.

But her titling history has already been unconventional, as she never took the Princess of Wales title—formerly belonging to Princess Diana—when she married Prince Charles, heir to the throne, in 2005.

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