• The British royals follow some strange traditions...
  • Their Christmas dinner weigh-in is a famous one
  • This is why the royals weigh themselves every Christmas

When the British Royal Family celebrates Christmas, they really dish up. And the royals are actually weighed before and after the meal. What kind of strange tradition is that?

The royal expert Ingrid Seward explains to Grazia why royals like William, Kate and Co. are forced to get on the scale at Christmas.

According to Seward, it's an old tradition that dates back to King Edward VII, who ruled in the early 20th century.

Why the Royal Family began weighing themselves at Christmas

British royals are asked annually to stand on an antique scale both before and after Christmas dinner.

The expert explains that the purpose of this odd tradition is to make sure that each guest has enough to eat.

Also interesting:

Pretty weird: What's an annual ritual for the royals would probably be unheard of for most people.

Every year around Christmas, many dread putting on some weight. But for the royals, the goal seems to be to put a few extra pounds on the scale. 

Maybe we all need to think a little less about it – like the British royals do.

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