• Prince William and Prince Harry have step-siblings
  • Their names are Tom and Laura Parker Bowles
  • Meet Duchess Camilla's kids in our video

The son from Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall's first marriage is Tom Parker Bowles. He is a food blogger, author, and well-known critic. His refined palate has also made him a judge in various cooking shows. In 2005 Tom married Sara Buys and the couple went on to have two children together.

Tom and Laura: Meet William and Harry's Step-Siblings 

Laura Lopes is an art curator and runs London's Eleven Gallery, of which she is also a co-founder. Like her brother, Laura now has a family of her own. Her wedding with Harry Lopes took place in 2006. Following the marriage, the couple had three children together.

Harry & William's Step-Siblings: These Are Camilla's Kids 

Laura and Tom have been the step-siblings of Prince William and Prince Harry since 2005. That's when their respective parents Camilla and Charles got married. Camilla's adult children, who could get royal titles when their mother becomes Queen, still have a good relationship with their stepbrothers, William, and Harry.

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