These days, the question of "William or Harry?" is a divisive one.

But there was a time when the question referred not to the feud between brothers but the debate on which prince is preferred by admirers. And the debate is still alive and well, as Adele was just asked the question in a new interview.

William or Harry? Adele picks her prince charming

Of course, both Prince William and Prince Harry are now off the market, but royal fans still enjoy gossip and all the latest about the princes. So: which one is Adele's pick?

The British singer was quizzed on 73 questions in Vogue's interview series, and one of them was the big royal debate. "Prince William or Prince Harry?" Adele was asked.

"Prince... Harry," she replied confidently, flashing a warm grin as she answered. So there you have it. Adele is team Prince Harry. (At the 13:28 mark below.)

Adele stormed back on the scene this month with her first new single in six years, "Easy On Me." She'll be releasing her new album 30 in November.

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