The Royals have had an increase of fans and stalkers brazenly attempt to get close to the family. Now a few have successfully broken onto Royal property.

Windsor Was Broken Into

But now this shocking news: Two people were able to gain access to Windsor Castle on April 25th. This isn't the only security breach in the last few weeks.

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Royal Security Concerns

The Royal family has been the target of stalkers and intruders for generations. Princess Anne was even the target of a failed kidnapping attempt in the 1970s. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's Moneticito home has also been a target for trespassers and the police have been called 9 times in their short time living in California. 

Thank goodness Queen Elizabeth II was not around at the time of the break-in in late April but her son Prince Andrew was on the property. 

This is not even the only time Windsor has been broken into. Find out about the Windsor burglary, in our video above.

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