7 TV Stars Who Could NOT Stand Their Role

Katherine Heigl recently talked about a possible comeback of her character "Izzie Stevens" to Grey's Anatomy.
December 12, 2020 - 19:18 / Sandro Prodanovic

Some think they are sending the wrong message, others just don't like the way the show has become... That's right! These actors may have looked super satisfied with their roles in their respective shows, but let's face it - nothing is perfect! Some even went as far as to boycott the series. Watch the video above!

We all love, and continue to love, these shows whether we watched them live back in the day or last night on a TV rerun. Sadly, for some reason, it kills us a bit on the inside to find out that some of these series actors weren't 100% behind the roles they were playing. Since we couldn't handle the sudden wave of curiosity that came over us, we decided to put together a little video depicting some of the actors who had a tough time playing their series role. Enjoy! 

7 TV Stars Who Could NOT Stand Their Role

Singer Miley Cyrus at the world premiere of Avengers: Endgame, Los Angeles, California, 2019

Just imagine coming onto set every day just to play a role you despise...