90DF fans have been waiting the whole season to of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? to learn why Andrei Castravet was forced to leave Moldova. It isn't until he is cornered by his wife's family before his (2nd) wedding with Libby that he comes clean about the situation.

90 Day Fiancé: Andrei's Reason For Leaving Moldova

Andrei Castravet has been very mysterious for the whole season as to why he was "forced" to leave Moldova. He met his eventual wife Elizabeth "Libby" Potthast while he was living in Ireland but had always shirked away from being fully honest as to why he was living in Ireland and not his home country of Moldova that he loves so much. 

Now that his wife Libby's entire family is visiting Moldova to attend Libby and Andrei's second wedding (both paid for by Libby's dad) they feel they deserve to know the truth of why he is not there. Libby and her family met up with Andrei's best friend Marcel who told them that Moldovan police were very corrupt and Andrei did not want to go along with illegal activity so he left the country. Libby was shocked to hear these details so after multiple almost physical confrontations that prompted Andrei to apologize for losing his temper (because Libby begged him to), Andrei came somewhat clean about the truth. 

He was especially willing because Libby threatened to not marry him (for the second time) if he wasn't completely honest, considering he only told her he just wanted to make more money in Ireland. She told TLC's cameras "I knew a little bit about his past when he was a detective, but definitely not all of those details like he had to flee the country so he wouldn't get in trouble. Like, that's insane to me. I feel betrayed. I expected the man I married to be completely honest with me, and Andrei hasn't. In keeping these secrets so long, honestly, it's hard not to question what other things he's been keeping from me."

Finally, Andrei explained that while he was a detective in Moldova he would have to answer to higher-ups who would make him do corrupt things and "They asked me to do some stuff. I didn't do it. I refused to do it. I left. I had to leave the country because if I didn't leave, they will set me up and I will lose everything, not only my job, I would lose my f***ing life."  He explained to the cameras as well that "When I was working in the law enforcement, you actually have to do things... like things that are not actually legal because someone asked you to do it who has connections. That's how it is. It's like a mob. I did what I had to do. But I escaped, you know, other things that could, like affect my future. I just did the right thing for me at that time. That's it."

While the Potthast's were relieved to know, some of Libby's family were still skeptical that he was not telling the whole truth but were willing to continue on with the wedding to make peace. In previews for the next episode, it looks like there may be another showdown between Andrei and Libby's brother!