For the first time since the show began, including in all 7 spin-offs, no cast member has been deported... until now! Season 5 cast member of 90 Day Fiancé Luis Mendez is going to be booted from the US! He himself has confirmed the news that he can no longer legally stay and has been taking his last few days in the States to travel. 

First 90 Day Fiancé Cast Member To Be Deported

Out of all the wild relationships, mismatched pairs, arrests, infidelities, and so on, not one 90 Day Fiancé cast member has been deported yet. No matter how many times the American half threatened to have their partner's deported if they did not bend to the will of their wishes like Danielle & Mohamed, Colt & Larissa, or Ashley & Jay. But now, the first one is set to be kicked out of the US.

Season 5 cast member Luis Mendez who was with his much older wife spicy Molly. The two had a very contentious romance after Luis convinced her to have a secret wedding, would make sexually inappropriate comments to her daughter, and was increasingly disrespectful and cruel to Molly. Molly flew Luis into the States on a K-1 visa in May of 2017 and the two married in secret in July but later Molly divorced Luis. Very quickly after they divorced Luis married a Dominican woman whom Molly said he had been dating in secret the whole time.

Molly even said on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon "Yeah, I totally got used. But it's all good." Unfortunately for Luis, his citizenship did not hold up as Molly probably rescinded her sponsor of his Green card when they divorced. His new wife also does not have US citizenship so she is not able to sponsor his Green card and with no work, he has no legal standing to continue living in the US. Now Luis has confirmed to In Touch that he is being deported "next month." In the meantime, Luis has been taking advantage of his last few days on US soil by traveling, even enjoying a fun trip to Las Vegas, New Jersey beaches, clubs, and hookah bars.

It's official! The very first 90 Day Fiancé star is getting the boot! Luis Mendez is being deported. Who will be next?