90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After Season 5 Couples!

Just when you thought 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? couldn't heat up any more! Here are the couples of the new season and what they have been up to since we last saw them on 90 Day Fiancé.

Elizabeth & Andrei (90DF Season 5)

Daddy's girl Elizabeth and rough Moldovan Andrei have a gorgeous little daughter and are living off of what Elizabeth earns and loans from her very gracious father Chuck. Now, this season we get to see Andrei avoid finding a job and assume Chuck will pay for Andrei and Elizabeth's wedding in Moldova. Her family continues to clash with Andrei's rude and entitled ways with pushover Elizabeth always being caught in the middle.

After going to her father crying to get him to pay for her wedding in a country her family is not comfortable traveling to, her handsome and spoiled husband simply said "How much?" We'll have to wait and see if her family is willing to go to Moldova for the wedding or not. 

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Colt & Larissa (90DF Season 6)

Colt and Brazillian Larissa have officially divorced after their very volatile and explosive relationship fell apart. Since filming, Colt canceled Larissa's visa so she has to find another way to stay in the country. Larissa had a new boyfriend for a short period of time but that didn't last because he treated her more like a friend in the bedroom than a lover. Now it looks like her friends have been setting her up on blind dates!

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Colt is also dating, but secretly, as to avoid upsetting his best friend/"other wife"/mom. Colt has started seeing another Brazillian girl, sweet and sexually aggressive Jess. The two seem to start off well but also have a few bumps in the road because Colt has avoided telling his mother about Jess. In the previews for the upcoming episodes, we can also see a confrontation between the two when Colt is caught talking to another girl behind Jess's back!

Kalani & Asuelo (90DF Season 6)

Kalani and Samoan Asuelo are married and have 2 young baby boys, both being conceived accidentally and before they were married much to the chagrin of Kalani's family.

Asuelo was used to his mother doing all of the chores so he is confused when Kalani expects him to pull his weight and help her. Both she and her father are frustrated that he only has a part-time job and does not help with the children much. There will definitely be a lot of clashing this season especially because Asuelo wants to visit Samoa on his wife's dime. 

Syngin & Tania (90DF Season 7)

After many struggles including Tania saying her ex-boyfriend was her soulmate and not South African Syngin and the pair struggling to agree on if they would have children or not, the couple went ahead and married. 

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Now that they are back we are seeing their struggle to support each other after Tania has a small car accident and cannot work and Syngin looks for work to be able to support them both. In the sneak peek's we can even see their visit to South Africa go awry when Tania clashes with Syngin's protective family and Syngin's extreme homesickness for his country. 

Angela & Michael (90DF Season 7)

Fiesty 53-year old Angela and Nigerian 31-year old Michael are engaged and if we're lucky we get to see the wedding on the new season! Angela desperately wants to conceive a child for Michael, even asking her daughter to be a surrogate for them. Her daughter said no because she was against it and so Angela had to do it the old fashioned way. 

Now we will be watching to see if Angela can get Michael to the US because his visa had been denied once before so she may have to get married in Nigeria instead of with her family. She also received some sad and scary news at the gynecologist, she can no longer get pregnant on her own and could possibly even have cancer! We'll have to wait and see what's in store for their future.

Paul & Karine (90DF: Before the 90 Days & The Other Way)

Paul and Brazillian Karine are married and have a cute baby boy together. We watched some of their intense struggles and near break-ups on their season of The Other Way

The pair had struggled to barely make it by in Brazil so they have decided to start planning to move to the USA. Paul successfully applied to get his beautiful wife a spousal visa but will have to work hard on his own to settle down back home as his mom refuses to house him and fund his family's life considering he is 35 years old now.

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