90 Day Fiancé's Explosive Tell-All

Finally the 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days Tell-All episodes have aired. Everyone exposed each other, some people defended each other while others brought receipts, it was wild!

Easily the loudest of the episode was "Baby Girl Lisa" who shouted over everyone and would not allow her husband Usman "Sojaboy" to talk or defend himself. 53-year old Lisa is famously very jealous and did not like that he responds to fans who help him promote his music.

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At one point when it came to light how rude and insulting she is to him, Usman asked his castmates if all American women were like Lisa to which she began yelling at anyone who responded including "Big Ed" who said Usman was a "saint" for never raising his voice or being unkind when Lisa threw a temper tantrum. Avery said, "Not all American women are like this." Lisa cursed at Ed and insulted his "greased up hair" and told Avery "That's why Ash dumped your a**!"

After tempers died down, the host asked 30-year old Usman about the legality of having multiple wives in Nigeria to which Usman answered it is "100% allowed" and that he intended on taking another wife if 53-year old Lisa will be unable to safely conceive a child. Lisa suggested he would not be able to obtain a second wife because he cannot yet financially support his first wife Lisa. 

90 Day Fiancé Tell-All: Tom VS Everyone

Darcey's ex Tom has also been outed for his behavior towards the other female cast members! Tom has fought hard to stay a part of the show even though he and his ex-girlfriend Darcey have been separated for most of the season after he cheated on her and asked if she "put on weight." Now it seems he has slid into the DM's of most of the single female cast members of the season! 

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At first, he suggested he was asked by Ash to test Avery by inviting her on a date until it was revealed that was not the case and instead he was interested in her and said "I find you extremely attractive" and "Now that you're single and I'm single..." Then it was revealed he also tried to hit on Stephanie whom he said was "hot" and "What can I say, I'm a terrible flirt."

Yolanda and Lisa also revealed that he sent them messages as well, they were just slightly less flirtatious than the ones to Stephanie and Avery. Tom was laughing while the girls were expressing their discomfort to which Darcey said "I'm glad you're enjoying yourself when you're hurting real people's feelings," while Tom simply responded with remorseless "I thought we already established I was an a**hole."

Oh, Tom.