After eight films in a span of six years, Adam Sandler has signed on to produce another four for Netflix! Sandler has appeared in most of the films, including The Ridiculous 6 and the popular Murder Mystery, along with Jennifer Aniston, from 2019. 

Netflix reported that viewers have watched over 2 billion hours of Sandler's films on their service! With those numbers, it comes as little surprise that Sandler and the streaming service will be back with more films.

Two billion hours of Adam Sandler!

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A busy few years for Adam Sandler

In addition to his recent Netflix productions, Sandler has also appeared in The Meyerowitz Stories (a film from Marriage Story director Noah Baumbach) and Uncut Gems from this past year.

There was a notable campaign to get Sandler nominated for an Oscar for his performance as an eccentric jeweller in Uncut GemsSandler even threatened to purposely make a terrible film if he didn't receive recognition from the Academy.

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No Oscar nomination for Sandler

The Academy unfortunately overlooked Sandler's performance in Uncut Gems, so it remains to be seen if he will follow through with his threat! For what it's worth, he did get an Emmy nomination for his Netflix comedy special 100% Fresh

Regardless, fans can rest assured that many more hours of Sandler films will be hitting Netflix in coming years.

Uncut Gems, directed by the Safdie brothers, also began streaming today on Netflix. Check out Sandler's dramatic acting turn in the film!

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