Adele is set to host this week's episode of Saturday Night Live, and she's already showing off her comedic timing! As Entertainment Tonight shares, a brand-new promo for SNL dropped on Thursday, which sees Adele, Kate McKinnon, and H.E.R. wearing black face masks as they attempt to answer a difficult question. 

Adele jokes about the featured musical guest's name

Adele is seen kicking off the promotional spot for the sketch comedy show with a quick introduction. "Hi! I'm Adele, and I'm hosting Saturday Night Live this week with musical guest H.E.R.," she says. However, confusion soon ensues between the three women, as they try to figure out which one of them "her" is referring to.

As Entertainment Tonight points out, the promo's humour is reminiscent of the classic Abbot and Costello sketch "Who's On First," which sees a team of baseball players attempt to be identified. "Yes, me, it is I who will be musical guest this week," McKinnon says after H.E.R. points to her. Finally, as all three women walk up to the camera, H.E.R. points to herself. "I'm H.E.R.," she declares, and laughter is audible.

Adele attends The 58th GRAMMY Awards on February 15, 2016.

Adele and McKinnon switch it up with accent impressions

Adele also recorded a second take of the promo, where her opening introduction seems to be going as planned— that is, until McKinnon jumps in and finishes her line in a British accent! This results in the singer giving her a sideways look, as she then proceeds to put on an accent of her own!

"Oh, my god! How are you, girlfriend?" Adele asks McKinnon in an American 'valley girl' voice. "Okay, now that is good," the comedian replies, seeming to be genuinely impressed by Adele's fake accent.

Adele has been making headlines for her incredible weight loss over the past year, and recently shared why she's excited to be hosting SNL. She's also hinted that a new album could drop in 2020, so it remains to be seen if her hosting gig will offer any additional clues as to when we might expect more music from the singer!

See Adele star in the promotional spot for her episode of Saturday Night Live with Kate McKinnon and H.E.R. here!

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