Goodwin is no stranger to the AGT stage, and was shooting an episode for the upcoming spin-off America’s Got Talent: Extreme where the most dangerous acts from previous seasons go head to head for the title. Jonathan is now speaking out after he very nearly died performing one of his proprietary daredevil stunts involving two full size vehicles and a stray jacket. 

As a father, this episode hit too close to home. “I have been to the very brink and dodged the worst that a human being can, without fear … because I was protected by love ,” Goodwin shared on his Instagram feed.

Jonathan Goodwin On His AGT Accident 

In a video released by TMZ, Goodwin was seen dangling upside down in a straight-jacket in mid-air between a pair of swinging cars. He was supposed to free himself and then drop safely to an air mattress below, but he was unable to do so in time and became sandwiched between the cars, falling almost 40 feet to the ground and bashing his head on the hard floor. But luckily Goodwin survived.

He even had the strength to make a joke about his ordeal: “To death I say nananana boo boo.”

As expected, production on AGT: Extreme, which will feature Terry Crews as host, and Nikki Bella and Travis Pastrana as judges alongside Simon Cowell, has been suspended indefinitely after this accident. Who knows if producers will reconsider some of the stunts going forward, but one thing is for certain: while the fans are watching the show must go on!

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