Allison Janney Shares Why She Believes 'Mom' Was Cancelled

Allison Janney On Why Mom Was Really Cancelled
March 18, 2021 - 20:15 / Lucas Anderson

Allison Janney has shared her feelings on the sudden conclusion to Mom. The popular sitcom was cancelled this season much to the disappointment of fans and, as Janney explained, the cast and crew were just as surprised by the decision. She also shared why she believes the series wasn't renewed — and it might not be what you would expect...

Anna Faris's exit was not the main reason why Mom was cancelled, according to Allison Janney. On Wednesday, the Mom star joined James Corden for an interview, where they discussed the end of the popular sitcom. Here's what Janney had to say.

Allison Janney on why Mom was cancelled

Asked to share her feelings on Mom coming to an end, Janney said: "I'm sad, you know. I wish we'd had at least another year for the writers to have that much time to ramp up to the ending."

She continued, "We sort of found out sooner than we thought we would hear. We thought, 'Surely they're going to want more Mom,' and they decided not." Janney then hinted at why she believes the series wasn't renewed: "There are so many reasons behind it. Most of them probably money."

Mom: Season 8 finale will be ending of the series

Mom is past the halfway point in season 8, having aired its 11th episode on March 11. It will be an 18-episode season, and Janney also told Corden that they're currently "filming the third-to-last episode."

Janney added that she's been having "a lot of moments" on set where she's taking in the last days with the Mom team. She also predicted that she's going to be "just tears, buckets of tears" on finale day.

CBS officially confirmed the cancellation of Mom in February. The finale will air on May 6, with Mom only having lasted one season after Anna Faris left the show — but, sadly, it seems that behind-the-scenes finances caused the swift conclusion.