NCIS fans had to wait a bit longer than usual for season 18 to premiere due to pandemic delays. But in mid-November, the series kicked off the new season on CBS. As a result, NCIS is already on its winter break despite having aired only three episodes so far.

NCIS season 18 episode 4 release date: January 2021

If you tuned into CBS this Tuesday and were disappointed not to see a new NCIS episode... it will be that way for a few more weeks. Season 18—which will be shorter than usual, with 16 episodes—is currently on winter break until January 2021. Episode 4, titled "Sunburn," will air for North American viewers on Tuesday, Jan. 5.

However, until then, viewers can look forward to a small surprise, as CBS will fill the void with NCIS episodes from previous seasons. Fan-favourite "Ziva" (Cote de Pablo) will be seen again in these re-runs.

"Gibbs" shoots at team member in season 18

As of now, CBS has not released a preview of the next episode. But like the first three season 18 episodes, it will also occur in the period before the coronavirus pandemic. Showrunner Frank Cardea also previously revealed to Cartermatt that episode 7 will move to a timeline in a "post-COVID-19 world," so there'll be plenty on the go in the next few episodes.

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NCIS: "Sloane" still to exit, but also a cast comeback

Season 18 still has pressing business to address, too: Maria Bello, who plays "Jack Sloane," is exiting this season. The actress is signed for eight episodes of season 18, as reported by Cinemablend. That means her time on the show is likely to be over after the first few episodes to air in 2021.

In addition, a well-known guest star will return soon: Margo Harshman will be back as "Delilah," the wife of "McGee" (Sean Murray), at some point this season. Episode 4 airs on Jan. 5, while worldwide viewers still await a release date on the new season.

See Maria Bello's farewell tribute on her final day filming season 18 here.

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