Beastie Boys Story debuts on Apple TV+ on April 24! It's a collaboration between Adam Horovitz (Ad-Rock), Michael Diamond (Mike D), and filmmaker Spike Jonze. The band's other founding member, Adam Yauch (MCA), died in 2012. 

The new documentary on Thursday got its first official trailer.

Watch Beastie Boys Story documentary trailer on Apple TV+

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Beastie Boys Story is a live documentary. Ad-Rock and Mike D take the stage for a visual journey through the history of the band, which formed in 1981. The hip-hop group's final album, Hot Sauce Committee Pt. 2, came out in 2011. Beastie Boys officially disbanded shortly after founding member MCA died in 2012.

The band behind hit songs such as "Sabotage," "Intergalactic," and "Paul Revere" collaborated with filmmaker Spike Jonze on the documentary. Jonze earlier directed some of the band's iconic music videos, including "Sabotage."

Beastie Boys, "Sabotage" music video (1994)

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The new Beastie Boys documentary

The documentary is noted to focus on the band's personal growth over their career. They evolved from origins in the New York City punk rock and party scene to become political activists.

Beastie Boys was inducted into the Rock & Rock Hall of Fame in 2012. They are a highly regarded group in the history of hip-hop and rock music.

See Beastie Boys Story in select theatres beginning on April 2, and on Apple TV+ on April 24.