Bridgerton star Jonathan Bailey has given fans an idea of what to expect when it comes to season 2! As People mentions, Bailey— who plays "Anthony Bridgerton"— recently teased some details about the Netflix period drama's sophomore season in a new interview with British Vogue.

Bailey calls Bridgerton season 2 "mad" and "brilliant"

Bailey revealed that "the campy, plush spectacle of the Bridgerton world is only going to get more pronounced in the best way possible," calling season 2 of the hit show "mad" and "brilliant." He also mentioned that there will be an opportunity to explore characters both new and old going forward!

"There are also going to be a lot of brilliant characters introduced in this series — and it's not just Anthony that we're going to delve into," he shared. As well, Bailey said that the world of the show "will just expand and keep pushing boundaries in a way that's quietly subversive."

"Anthony Bridgerton"

Bailey tells Bridgerton fans to "watch for the bees"

Bailey also doesn't think fans will be disappointed by the second season of Bridgerton. "There's just going to be more of what everyone loves, I think," the actor said, mentioning that fans can expect to notice "loads of little Easter eggs for all of the characters."

In particular, he hinted at one particular thing that's worth keeping an eye on! "I'll say this: watch out for the bees," he said. Fans have already caught on to the fact that the appearance of bees in the show is significant, so there's no doubt Bailey's clue will have them abuzz with excitement!

Season 2 of Bridgerton was officially confirmed last month, following its successful debut at the end of December. Reviews of the series have generally been favourable, and even the Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson, has shared that she is a fan of the show!

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