The series Bridgerton took the Netflix community by storm. A sequel was only a matter of time after the successful first season. Both season one and the cast themselves provide clues as to what season two might be.

Bridgerton Season Two: Here's what we know

Danger: From here on out, the article contains spoilers, both about the first and the possible content of the second season.

The bee was already very present in season one. In the opening credits, we see a beehive, the last scene of the first season shows a bee - and every now and then the insect presents itself on-screen. But what does it mean? A look at the books by Julia Quinn (51), of which the series is based, could provide information.

The "Bridgerton" family of the Netflix hit "Bridgerton"

The author has written eight books about the "Bridgertons", one for each of the eight children. Of course, this in itself could give as many seasons of the hit series. The first novel focused on the romance between "Daphne" (Phoebe Dynevor, 25) and the "Duke of Hastings" (Rége-Jean Page, 31). The second book has "Daphne's" eldest brother "Anthony Bridgerton", played by Jonathan Bailey (32), as the main character. This is where the bee is finally becoming relevant.

Bridgerton: This is why the bee appears so often

The books written by Julia Quinn explains how the father of the eight half-orphans died. At the age of just 38, he was stung by a bee and suffered fatal anaphylactic shock. "Anthony" was then a tender 18 years old and has been afraid of insects, especially bees, ever since.

But it is precisely this that determines his fate. In book two, the oldest "Bridgerton" wants to do justice to his task and becomes engaged to the debutante "Lady Edwina". Later, however, their stepsister "Kate" and "Anthony" feel drawn to each other. When "Kate" is finally stung by a bee, he sucks the poison out of her.

Bridgerton: This happens to "Anthony" in season two

As we already know from season one, the reputation of a lady who is seen alone with a man and then also in close physical contact must be saved with a marriage between both parties. This is how the insect seals "Anthony" and "Kate's" fate. A look at Instagram shows that season two could take up this story.

The production company already indicates that actor Jonathan Bailey will move into the center of the series with his role. In addition, the cast often shares pictures with co-stars and insights behind the scenes on Instagram. It is noticeable that they often decorate their captions with a bee emoji, as is done here, for example, by "Daphne" actress Phoebe Dynevor.

Do the actors foreshadow the content of the second season? We can be curious what storylines the season around "Anthony Bridgerton" will tell us.

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