And she's back this year to do it all again in the fourth installment of the series: The Matrix: Resurrections. Fans of the saga could not be more thrilled to see their favorite heroes back up on the screen. For Carrie-Anne Moss, the prospect of returning to play "Trinity" was something she simply could not turn down, as she explained in an interview with The Guardian:

"I was absolutely over-the-moon excited about the prospect [of doing a new Matrix film]. It was something that I never imagined happening. People had mentioned it to me in passing, and I was always thinking: 'No way. Never gonna happen'", said Moss.

Carrie-Anne Moss Dishes On New 'Matrix' Movie

Carrie-Anne Moss Dishes On New Matrix Movie

"When myself Lana, Keanu, and a few others sat together to read [the script] for the first time, I was thinking: 'What is this going to be like? How is she going to do this?' [The way in which our characters return is] something that I never imagined, and I was really blown away," continued Moss.

For many fans of the first three movies, there will be a ton of questions surrounding how "Trinity" is still alive (SPOLIER*: she dies in the third movie), and how she is able to come back into the Matrix. But Moss and director Lana Wachowski assure everyone that all the important questions will be answered, and the fourth installment will add a lot of substance to the first movies. 

As much fun as it will be to see the original "Trinity" back in action, this new film will feature some fresh faces added to its universe, including actors like Neil Patrick Harris, and Priyanka Chopra to name a few. The film hits theatres this December, and the hype could not be any bigger for it!

Let's wait and see what the critics think...

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Carrie-Anne Moss ("Trinity") and Keanu Reeves as "Neo" in the 1999 worldwide hit The Matrix.

"Trinity" is coming back to the big screen soon...!

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