The hit show NCIS: New Orleans has put CBS in major hot water after actors sued the company for putting them in real danger. The actors say the crew misled them into performing in dangerous circumstances that ended with real guns being pulled on them!

NCIS: New Orleans and CBS Sued By Actors

A few actors and a jewelry store owner have filed a lawsuit against CBS for allegedly tricking them into filming a realistic "guerrilla-style" armed robbery in October 2017. According to TMZ, the NCIS: New Orleans crew asked them to shoot this scene during the day without permits or notifying the police or neighbors in a very busy New Orleans shopping center. 

The scene required the ski-mask donning actors to run into the jewelry store with realistic weapons while shouting "This is a robbery!" which terrified the neighboring store owners who were unaware any filming was taking place. 911 was called which prompted real police officers to immediately respond to the scene with guns drawn. 

Officers attempted to secure the scene and in doing so pulled out their real weapons and had them pointed at the actors. The 3 people involved say they are traumatized by the horrifying event and are still reeling from the psychological effects of the very real possibility of death if one false move had been made. 

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Now the men have sued CBS for damages for recklessly putting their lives in danger just for a creative scene. The network asked the court to throw out the case considering they were being sued in California and not New Orleans where filming took place but the actor's lawyers disagreed. They say the proper routes are being pursued considering the show is produced by CBS which is located in Los Angeles. 

We will have to wait and see for the outcome!

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