That's right, your favourite sassy blogger is back and fresher than ever with a Gossip Girl reboot on HBO Max. The streaming platform will return with a 10-episode order from the original creative team. Chace Crawford played "Nate Archibald" on the original series and is excited to see what the reboot has in store. 

Chace Crawford is excited for the GG Reboot

Chace told Entertainment Weekly that, "TV is going through such a time of change, they’re calling it the golden age and the streaming structure is so cool. I honestly think the show was ahead of its time in a way. It came out before Instagram, right when camera phones were becoming a thing. The rise of Netflix gave our show a new life. There was a whole new generation of fans. I’ve noticed over the past six years that the same age demographic of girls still loves it which is cool."

The age of social media has made Gossip Girl more relevant than ever and Crawford believes that there's so much more story to explore with GG especially on a streaming platform like HBO Max. "I’m sure this is going to be a fresh take and Josh and Stephanie are incredible. They’re going to make it great. There’s still a demand for it — people are always asking if I’d go back and do more. Hats off to them. I think it’s a good idea." Crawford shares with EW.

Chace would return for a cameo in the reboot

Chace Crawford has been very open about appearing in the reboot for a cameo or two and even joked that he would be a dad now in the show! He says that living in New York and shooting Gossip Girl was like his version of college as it took up most of his 20's so it will always have a special place in his heart.

Chace Crawford stars in The Boys

Stay tuned to find out if more GG alumni will be returning to the reboot on HBO Max. For now, you can see Chace Crawford in The Boys on Amazon Prime Video.

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