Cobra Kai is coming back a little sooner than fans expected! As People shares, the Karate Kid spinoff was originally slated to return for season 3 on January 8, but on Thursday, Netflix announced that they've now decided to bring it back on New Year's Day!

Cobra Kai star goes and updates release date in new promo

Cobra Kai star William Zabka appears in a video Netflix created to announce the new release date for season 3, which sees him have some fun in character as "Johnny Lawrence"! As People mentions, "Johnny" decides to change both the synopsis of Cobra Kai and the release date for the new season on Netflix's home page.

"Johnny Lawrence wins at life and gets all the hot babes and Daniel loses everything," the new description he types up reads. "It's the feel-good story of the year. Zebra rocks!" Then, "Johnny" comments on how January 8 is "too long" to wait for the next season of Cobra Kai, changing the release date to to January 1! "Send it to the internet!" he exclaims.

William Zabka Cobra Kai 2019

Cobra Kai season 3 has Karate Kid characters make a return

Cobra Kai takes place 30 years after the first Karate Kid movie, following Ralph Macchio's "Daniel" and Zabka's "Johnny", who have now become karate instructors. And in a trailer released earlier this month, it was revealed that there will be some more familiar faces from the martial arts franchise in season 3!

As People shares, two major characters from The Karate Kid II are set to show up in the upcoming season of Cobra Kai— and they both have a connection to "Daniel"! His love interest "Kumiko" and rival "Chozen" are set to make their first appearances in the show, which has Karate Kid fans excited to see how things will play out! Fortunately, there's only a week longer to wait!

See the Netflix promo announcing Cobra Kai's new season 3 release date here!