The first episode of the two part Bachelor event this week aired last night and we have the full recap for you right here. Spoiler alert... we will be saying who left the show! Tonight, the Women Tell All episode is set to air live and we are sure it is going to be packed with all the drama from the returning girls. We do love a good confrontation! Let's start off by going through last night's show...

Colton Takes 3 Women to Portugal 

The first fantasy suite evening went to Tayshia. Colton admitted at the beginning of the episode that if he was in love and it felt right, he might no longer be a virgin after this week. The couple share a cheeky moment in a helicopter as they take in the views and then proceed to reminisce on all their firsts together. Then, the fantasy suite arrives! It appears that Colton is still a virgin after night one. Tayshia says "we didn't have, like, the physical intimacy that I wanted, by I got to see him for who he truly is and it just validated my feelings for him," and proceeded to tell Colton that she is in love with him. Colton says that he is falling in love with her. 

Colton and Cassie

The next day, Colton picks Cassie up in a convertible and the two have effortless chemistry (as per usual). They have a wonderful afternoon, eating, joking and dancing in the street. Colton then admits in a voice over that Cassie makes him feel complete and that he for sure loves Cassie. Problem is, Cassie has not even said she is falling in love with Colton. Yikes. 

Cue Fence Jump

Low and behold, who shows up?! None other than Cassie's dad, Matt. Matt is concerned about an engagement and basically tells Cassie to follow her heart. Cassie says she doesn't want to leave him but wishes she had more time and needs to send herself home. So, Cassie sends herself home and leaves Colton absolutely devastated. Cue fence jump. Colton jumps the fence and To be continued... pops up on our screens. 

We will hear more from Colton and how he is doing tonight on the Women Tell All and hopefully see more of Hannah G. next week as his journey to find love continues...